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Organizations can make a significant impact through sponsorship, fundraising, product or service donations, and cause-marketing.

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Services that save

Does your company offer a building, maintenance or professional service that can help save time and cost for our safe home or mission?

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Organizations can play a major roll in her restoration. Products and materials can support the mission through Bochy's Box or through Safe Home supply and program needs. 

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Donate Proceeds

Whether it is a new or already established product, you can donate a % of proceeds to this important mission.

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FREE her

Give a rescued survivor the gift of freedom. Through Corporate Giving and Grants, your organization can provide for all or a portion of her monthly care or her entire treatment. 

make a difference


Organizations can help provide a safe place for her to heal. You can sponsor or donate materials for the safe home and programs to help rebuild her life.

Employee engagement


Get your entire team involved with a fundraiser. Sell shirts, start a bake sale, and host a competition to boost employee morale and make an impact in this critical mission. 


Bring your team out for a day of service.


We need help in our warehouse,

Bochy's Box assembly, and Safe Home improvement and maintenance projects.  


You will make a difference and improve your team comradery.

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Bochy's Place

Bochy's Place a subsidiary to Bochy's Org, a non-profit 501C3 

Our corporate offices are confidential

for security purposes.


Phone: 214-558-6734

*To protect the victims we serve, we reserve the right to change names and details that may identify or compromise safety. No photographs used are of actual survivors. 

HELP her

We need your help. From donations to volunteering, everyone can make an impact.

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