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Bochy’s Place Safe House brings together a Christ-centered family environment with the best support structures and curriculum for individualized care, developed by our Trauma-Informed Care Advisory Board. This approach sets Bochy’s Place apart as innovators in individualized care.

how you can help

Fill the House

Give a rescued survivor the gift of freedom. You can sponsor all or a portion of her monthly care or her entire treatment. 


Often survivors will arrive with only the clothes on their back. This registry will help provide her with the fresh start she needs.


We need your help. From donations to volunteering, everyone can make an impact.

OUR GOAL:  meet the need 

Our immediate goal is to begin phase 2 of development on our 5 acre Freedom Center.  By expanding our program and living facilities we will both increase capacity and provide the life skills critical to lasting restoration.

With our phased approach we will be able to provide services as quickly as possible, starting with the greatest and more critical needs. 


PHASE 1: opening

Key Objective:
Purchase Larger Property
Improve Existing Facilities
Open Safe House

Program Impacts:
Provide Stage 1 Care: Stabilization + Trauma Care
Test & Improve Curriculum 



PHASE 2: facilities

Key Objective:
2 New Cottages
Healing Center 
Equip Center
Pre & Post Natal Cottage

Program Impacts:
Increase Capacity to 24
Expanding program facilities to provide life skills, job training, and build community and fellowship.

Provide hope for pregnant survivors.


PHASE 3: capacity

Key Objective:
Expand Safe House &
Transitional Living Facilities

Program Impacts:
Increase Capacity to 48
Transitional Care for girls preparing to reintegrate


PHASE 4: reunification

Key Objective:
Expand Transitional Living Facilities for women expecting and with children. Add community amenities. 

Program Impacts:
Providing reunification for mothers and trauma care for children.

PHASE 2:  our vision 

During phase 2 of our development we will begin by adding 2 more cottages to make space for 8 additional girls to receive healing; and bring us that much closer to our goal of 48 girls. 

We will begin building both the Healing Center and the Equip Center which will support our restoration programs. The Healing Center will provide space for spiritual, neurological, psychological, behavioral & trauma care. The Equip Center will provide college courses, online education, GED, job training, budget classes and much more. 

Additionally, we are preparing to build a Pre & Post Natal cottage for rescued girls who are pregnant. This will provide these girls with the safety, love, care and nurturing environment they need in their decision to carry their pregnancy to term. 

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