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The Kindness Closet is a part of the Bochy’s League Program. Our mission with Bochy’s League and The Kindness Closet is to start the process of impacting the supply chain of traffickers by educating, informing, and empowering children. 

The Kindness Closet is a clothing and food closet for students in low-income schools that are most at risk for being trafficked. The majority of these students live on prostitution streets, in homeless shelters, in Budget Inns, or on the streets. 

These students are in desperate need of food, clothing, and often extra mental and emotional support and encouragement. With your help, we will be providing food, clothing, and preventative trafficking education to these children.

The Kindness Closet will be open to all kids to take as much or as little as they need, no questions asked. All we ask in return is for them to tell a teacher one thing they are grateful for or one "I Am" affirmation about themselves. We want to not only support their physical needs but their mental and emotional as well.

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As of right now, we know of at least 77 kids that receive absolutely no food at home. The only food they have access to is what is given to them at school. So, would you consider sponsoring food for a student in need?


Can you sponsor a child today? Here's What It Takes To Sponsor 1 Of The 77 Hungry Kids:

(Full Closet Coming Soon!)

Sponsorship Options

1 week............$27

1 month.........$107

1 semester.....$537

1 year.......... $1,177

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