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Our mission with Bochy’s League is to start the process of impacting the supply chain of traffickers and abusers by educating, informing, and empowering children. 

The Bochy’s League Program envisions itself as a safe space where children can receive education on mental, emotional, and physical health, learn ways to spot trafficking tactics, earn scholarships, and have experiences and opportunities they may not have otherwise.

In addition, The Bochy’s League Program aims to provide a transformative journey for both children and educators. Our mission is to empower these young children, shielding them from the negative influences of the world and instilling in them a profound sense of self-worth by giving them the tools and opportunities they need to succeed.

We help them understand the importance of self-respect, confidence, and self-worth while nurturing them to become leaders within their communities and families.

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As of right now, we know of at least 77 kids that receive absolutely no food at home. The only food they have access to is what is given to them at school. So, would you consider sponsoring food for a student in need?


Can you sponsor a child today? Here's What It Takes To Sponsor 1 Of The 77 Hungry Kids:

(Full Closet Coming Soon!)

Sponsorship Options

1 week............$27

1 month.........$107

1 semester.....$537

1 year.......... $1,177

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