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carla shellis

Founder of Bochy's Place + CEO Sparkle Living, Inc

Carla is a woman who lives with a passion to see the female-side of humanity living her life in the fullest measure of freedom.  Her mission is to see women break away from the grip of unworthiness (or not feeling good enough), insecurity, fear, and rejection so that she can live her life in the fullest expression of her feminine design.

Carla has worked to restore and reintegrate victims of sex trafficking since 2015. She founded Bochy’s Place in 2017 where she has helped victims in healing, trauma care and reintegration into community successfully.


Carla also co-owns a commercial and residential roofing company with her husband of 31 years, Simon. You will often hear her lovingly brag on her two adult children Michael and Jade.

Every day, she seeks to reveal the hidden truth of who we are and break the core of lies we have lived under for centuries, so that women will be equipped to rebuild communities, homes & families. By seeking to first see sexually exploited & trapped victims in abuse take back their identity and purpose she believes they will rebuild their lives so that the community around them will also be transformed.

Her life’s passion is and has always been to reach ladies of all ages all around the world to help encourage and equip them to be the very best they can be and to receive from their life the very abundance that God has promised in His faithful Word.

"But as for me and my household,

we will serve the LORD."

Joshua 24:15

Bochy's Place

Bochy's Place a subsidiary to Bochy's Org, a non-profit 501C3 

Our corporate offices are confidential

for security purposes.


Phone: 214-558-6734

Registered Charity: 87-3764559

*To protect the victims we serve, we reserve the right to change names and details that may identify or compromise safety. No photographs used are of actual survivors. 

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