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TO 53-555

We honor your gifts of time, money, and resources by stewarding those blessings well. Thank you for joining this important mission and being God’s hands and feet for the girls we serve. 

FREE her

Give a rescued survivor the gift of freedom. You can sponsor all or a portion of her care and treatment. 

Free Her

Can help give hope to a girl who has been rescued by providing her everything she needs for her journey; a Bible, lesson materials, a guided Journal, and 12-18 months of lessons and resources. Your gift will teach her about God’s grace and love.


Can help heal her heart with

a month of counseling, teachings, and care. She will learn her value in God’s eyes, gain self confidence, and start to envision and plan for her future.


Can help provide a newly
rescued girl with her first weeks of essential care such as medical screening, Trauma-Informed therapy and PTSD assessments.


 Can help provide one year of care and therapy to a survivor of sex trafficking. You can sponsor one girl's freedom journey and give her the support she needs.

Girl in a City

ERICA'S freedom story

“My father started trafficking me from the time I was 12. He would trade me for money or drugs. When I was rescued I had nothing but the clothes I was wearing, and those clothes were just another reminder of the trauma, fear, and hopelessness I felt.


When I came to Bochy’s Place, all that changed. I received medical and dental care. I was given a room, a safe space to sleep, where I could rest. I was given new clothes. I still remember the way it felt putting on new clothes, like getting back my dignity. That moment was my new beginning. 

I’m so grateful to everyone who made my freedom story possible.” 


-Erica, Survivor of Sex Trafficking

Bochy's Place

Bochy's Place a subsidiary to Bochy's Org, a non-profit 501C3 

Our corporate offices are confidential

for security purposes.


Phone: 214-558-6734

Registered Charity: 87-3764559

*To protect the victims we serve, we reserve the right to change names and details that may identify or compromise safety. No photographs used are of actual survivors. 

HELP her

We need your help. From donations to volunteering, everyone can make an impact.

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