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There are many misconceptions surrounding sex trafficking and exploitation.  At Bochy’s, we believe that whether a girl is forced or coerced, the trauma of sexual violence and violation requires healing and restoration. We believe behind every statistic is a story about someone’s daughter, sister, and mother.


ARIANA'S freedom story

When 17-year-old Ariana was offered a sober ride to the next party, she did not know her attempt to get a safe ride could lead to being trafficked. She got in the car with someone she had just met and found herself in a nightmare.

“He drove me to Dallas, he put me in hotel rooms… he sent men in and out, then he would come back to get all the money…”

But Ariana bravely managed to escape and went to a nearby hospital where the police were called. She was connected to Traffic 911, who safely transported her to Bochy’s Place safe house.


“Bochy’s Place has given me a safe environment to reconnect with the Lord, and really find myself again…. take back my future.”


-Ariana, Survivor of Sex Trafficking

So many girls, just like Ariana, are waiting for help across the country and in the state of Texas. The system is overwhelmed with no available beds, strained resources and services that fail to meet their specific needs. Many survivors of exploitation find themselves unable to get the help and care they need to restore what has been lost. 


Estimated Victims
of Human


Victims of Sex

3,700 to 1

There are 3,700 victims of sex trafficking for every 1 dedicated bed.


her greatest need


Experts in sex trafficking prevention and restoration agree that trauma-informed safe homes are the greatest need and highest priority to lowering recidivism rates. 

legs up.png

90% of rescued girls return to the streets because they are unable to find a safe place to heal and learn how to re-enter society.

With less than 70 dedicated beds available in Texas for sex trafficking victims, safe homes are consistently at capacity with long wait lists.

Trauma-informed care is critical for victims of sexual violence, however most shelters and safe homes do not provide this service.

FROM THE EXPERT  jaco booyens

“Bochy’s Place is essential. It’s something that we absolutely need in the state of Texas and definitely in the greater area of Dallas. If there is an area we need to rapidly expand in the area of sex trafficking, it’s safe houses with trauma-informed long-term care. The first 30 days after an individual is rescued are critical. We see the most lives lost in that period. That is why the type of care they receive is so vital. I know Carla and her team will give incredible care.

It’s individual care, not just group programs. This is individual care for each woman, and it’s multifaceted. They need Health and dental service. Some of these girls have not seen a doctor or dentist in years. There is STD and tox screening. Then comes the psychological work and emotional therapy. The physical therapy, restoring branding on their bodies and what that looks like. Then comes education and trade. Learning how to reenter society and the skills needed to do that. It takes a lot, and I would argue that an operating budget of 450K a year to house as many girls as Bochy’s Place will house, is a fraction of what it actually should cost, because we see kind individuals and businesses who reduce rates and donate services. 

I believe that Carla has a great vision. They have a clear understanding of what they need to do.  I am asking you to partner with Bochy’s Place to see lives enter this house broken but leave the house restored.”   

-Jaco Booyens, A well-renowned public speaker and the director of 8 Days film written to raise awareness about the Sex Trafficking industry


"The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, Because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news the the afflicted; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to captives and freedom to prisoners."

Isaiah 61:1

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