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To break the cycle of exploitation we focus on rescuing and restoring girls and empowering those vulnerable to live free and healed, according to God's design.



Partnering with authorities and rescue focused organizations to recover and free victims and provide Emergency Trauma Care.



Restoring survivors at each step in their journey, with safe homes, community facilities, and support groups, providing long term, trauma informed care programs. 



Community initiatives that educate and inspire activation; preventing new victims and surrounding survivors with a community committed to her protection and restoration. 

Bochy’s Place Safe House brings together a Christ-centered family environment with the best support structures and curriculum for individualized care, developed by our Trauma-Informed Care Advisory Board. This approach sets Bochy’s Place apart as innovators in individualized care.

Learn more about the Safe House and how you can help.

Bochy's Place

Bochy's Place a subsidiary to Bochy's Org, a non-profit 501C3.

Our corporate offices are confidential

for security purposes.


Phone: 214-558-6734

*To protect the victims we serve, we reserve the right to change names and details that may identify or compromise safety. No photographs used are of actual survivors. 

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We need your help. From donations to volunteering, everyone can make an impact.

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