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Finding The Formula - Brain Doctors at Bochy's

How does anyone come back from the levels of trauma these girls experienced? That’s the golden question. If we can find the answer, everyone has a chance to live a life free of past hurts, violations, and pains. But what is the answer? How do we stop throwing medicine at victims of trauma and find a real pathway to total new life and freedom? These questions have plagued me since I said YES to this mission to help restore these victims. I heard The Lord tell me when He first called me to this work, what you put together for the broken of the broken will apply to everyone.

So….with that, I started on my journey to find THE formula. I know God has the answer, so I press in. Keep in mind I am not educated in anything that supports this type of work. But what I am is willing to dig in and learn.

In my pursuit, I started with neuroscience. I have learned so much in the past three years to

find the formula for my own radical freedom in my life. But I knew…I had to keep pressing. I need to know more for them. So I continued…

I have stomped the throne room of Heaven on their behalf asking God for directions, wisdom, and knowledge. I have confessed in prayer I will contend for their freedom until I find the formula that works.

Along came a new therapist named Juli who told me she felt called by God to help me. You see we met after hearing so much about the work she had done and the impact it made. She was semi-retired and wrestled with God for a few weeks before she told me she was being pulled back in to help me. God was responding.

I told her about my vision and my determination to find a solution for them to be completely restored and set free…so free it would be as though they had never experienced any of the extreme violence. After all, that is what the blood of Jesus has the power to do.

Together we started a plan. She started talking to Dr. Anthony. (All his info is below) Dr. Anthony said he had just been praying and asking God to take him into a space to do more to work in a bigger space of brain work.

God was responding, as He always does, to all of our prayers, sewing us all together.

This video is Dr. Anthony’s first visit. He is starting by taking a look at the brain and finding the impact areas so we know each individual’s situation and how to treat it.

So friend here is part one. This journey is unfolding. I’ll take you along with me. My hope is through what we are walking through you will also find some encouragement or direction for whatever you are walking through.

If you have anything specific you’d like to know please don’t hesitate to email me and I’ll do my best to help you.

For now, onward we go into finding the formula!

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Marie Keesee
Marie Keesee
Jan 18, 2023

This is fascinating, Carla! I look forward to hearing more about this journey you’re on and what you learn from it. It sounds very promising.

Replying to

Thank you Marie! I know God will lead us. I know we will discover what He wants us to know about His plan for us to live by. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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