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Program Director
Resident Direct Care Support 



The Program Director oversees and directs staffing, administration, and execution of the program and house operations in accordance with the mission, values, and goals of Bochy’s Place. Supervises program staff and volunteers to help conduct and coordinate day-to-day program and house activities with the residents. Model healthy and loving relational boundaries in a home environment as residents heal and learn successful life skills. 


Summary of Responsibilities

House Operations

  • Direct the intake process and oversee orientation period of new residents

  • Oversight and/or direct involvement in crisis situations with residents

  • Direct programming and scheduling of day-to-day activities with the residents

  • Facilitate classes, teach, coach and counsel the residents as they progress through required program components 

  • Work with other staff, volunteers or shift leaders to schedule residents’ appointments and arrange transportation for medical, recovery meetings, church, grocery shopping, training and employment activities

  • Work with Volunteer Coordinator to plan group volunteer activities and find individual volunteers as needed for transportation, teaching classes or other house operations

  • Work with Executive Director and Volunteer Coordinator to provide orientation, training and development for program house staff and volunteers according to established HR policies and Bochy’s Place program requirements


Leadership Team Operations, Planning and Administration

  • Planning, budgeting, goal setting, assessing, reporting on the program to the Executive Director / Board

  • Participate in staff meetings, trainings and development activities

  • Track, review and report resident data quarterly to founder

  • Organizing and implementing the policies, processes, procedures and reporting mechanisms of the program

  • Maintain positive, functional working relationships with community, government and referral agencies

  • Participate in regular audits of program and house operations

  • Partners with Director, Operations in aligning program needs and required process changes and system support.  

Skills and Expectations

  • Strong written and verbal communications skills including Word, Excel and Google email and applications

  • Strong project management, servant leadership and teamwork skills

  • Self-motivated, organized, persistent

  • Ability to adapt to frequently changing priorities and handle crisis situations



  • Bachelor's Degree in counseling, social work or related field preferred but will consider related experience

  • Experience working with women are survivors of sex trafficking and/or domestic violence 

  • Demonstrates understanding and implementation of trauma-informed therapeutic practices

  • Willingness to engage in ongoing training in trauma-informed practices, mental health and/or recovery issues 


The overall purpose of our residential program is to provide women with a safe place to live while healing in mental, physical, spiritual, and relational areas of their lives. The Resident Assistant (RA) role is to first and foremost, to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the women in our aftercare program. 


The RA will provide daily supervision and support, offer trauma-sensitive care, and unconditional love to each participant as needed in appointments and activities while protecting their dignity.


The RA will promote the Organization’s culture of; working as a team, de-escalating challenging behaviors as they occur, dealing with conflict resolution, record all financial transactions, maintain receipts for the Safe House budget, assist the House mom to provide spiritual support to the residents, schedule various appointments and schedule a variety of activities including exercise, art therapy, a variety of classes and activities of daily living (ADL), and more from our curriculum.


Provide trauma-informed care for residents of Bochy’s Org. 

  • Provide spiritual assessments of residents

  • Provide spiritual support based on a Christian perspective

  • Assist residents with spiritual issues that may be affecting their healthcare status or conditions

  • Teach residents principles related to Christianity when issues come up regarding health care and health decision making

  • Participate with residents in prayer as requested by the resident and/or families

  • Provide spiritual assessment and support to health care professional staff when requested

  • Provide a common spiritual bridge for residents who are facing challenging issues with their health care and need support in decision making

  • Refer clients to appropriate clergy based on a defined assessment of the resident's spiritual needs

  • Provide spiritual support and education to residents families when appropriate and requested

  • Assist residents by providing spiritual support and education when they are faced with issues related to death and dying

  • Be a liaison with the resident's church community when they are away from the community due to health challenges

  • Maintain ongoing education in spiritual practices and in Christian counseling for professional development and continued competency in spiritual work and counseling


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